15 December, 2010

Lynn's Backpack

Summer was continuing to be hectic with family trips to Boston, MA and the Berkshires where we ate and drank like kings and queens and enjoyed the beautiful landscapes of rolling hills, a pond, an apiary and an epic garden. Somewhere amidst the travels and the bike rides I was able to work on another new product: the traditional backpack. Having already designed and tested two much larger and more burly "messenger style" backpacks, it was time to tackle new territory and Lynn had been looking for a backpack she said so I took it upon myself to try to help here out. While I have some pattern adjustments to make so as to decrease puckering around the zipper, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. The design is minimalistic but functional and I think the overall bag can be a success for those interested in a water resistant sack without all the bells and whistles of the larger offerings. Now I just need to get it to Lynn who has been patiently awaiting the delivery for some months now. It seems that as Summer turned to Fall, I ramped up my time in the studio and this little huni found its way into the corner as she so gingerly pointed out this past weekend!

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