29 September, 2009

Lynn's Hip Pack Round 2

While she loved the first hip pack I made, Lynn had to find a shorter
version that would allow for use while sporting a child on her back,
the new design is slightly smaller, but more functional for her needs.
It also has a GM buckle for quick removal and a fun plaid pattern that
is subtle yet still playful.

28 September, 2009

Product Photo Sample

Peter Jennings has agreed to do some press photos for me and the
samples look great, look for the website in a month or two once the
rest of the pics are done!

22 September, 2009

Sylvia Bingham Memorial Bike Ride

In loving memory of our friend, family member, and lover Sylvia, over
150 cyclists gathered at her former home on West 11th in Tremont and
rode to her former employer Hard Hatted Women on Prospect. The silent
memorial ride was graced with a police escort and stopped briefly to
place flowers at the white "ghost bike" which was customarily placed
at the site ofthe accident by the local bike safety and advocacy
organization, Ohio City Bike Co-Op located on Columbus Rd in the
flats. A heartfelt thanks go out to those who helped make this a great
tribute and to all those who helped us pay homage to a wonderful young

19 September, 2009

Sylvia Bingham Memorial Ride

In honour of the passing of Sylvia Bingham, the Ohio City Bike Co-Op has placed a Ghost Bike on the corner of the tragic accident. Please help support the friends and family of Sylvia, celebrate her life, and promote bicycle awareness and safety this Tuesday, September 22 at 7:30 am next to SouthSide Bar on W. 11. Further information is available at http://iridefor.blogspot.com/.