19 May, 2009

MOTO Gallery Opening

Last Saturday the Moto Gallery officially opened to a huge crowd of friends, family, and regular joes. I was really excited to see my work on display and hear the buzz as people checked out my bags. The final moto bag turned out great, the 216 bag looks bangin, and Bob's hip-pack rounds out the offerings for the first week of business. I plan on producing a few more bags for the shop in the coming weeks but my queue is backlogged again (hooray) and it may take a while to catch up. Check back soon for updates. Also, Ned, fresh out of design school at Cazenovia in New York, worked me up a little poster for the gallery which looks great and captures the industrial urban grit that characterizes Cleveland and me. Great job Ned!

12 May, 2009

216 Bag

Another bag in the works for the MOTO Gallery is this nice tribute to
Cleveland. A beige base with burgundy numbers is accented with cream,
light blue, and navy stripes. The pockets will be a nice muted green
and it will be lined in black.

Nick's Tower Flag Bag

Nick designed a flag for the DIY show space known as the Tower few years back and since he will be leaving the tower and it is no longer going to be putting on shows he requested a bag that would keep the flag alive for a very long time. The result is a bigger than average custom bag designed to hold 33rpm records. I made it extra wide so he could carry an entire nights worth of vinyl to a gig along with a bunch of other goodies. Because of the added depth I included compression straps to bring things in when out for a leisurely ride.

Lynn's Hip Pack

This was the first of the new design with the curved flap edges. She wanted something simple so I rocked the wavy lines with white and light blue thread.

Kelli's Owl Bag

This bag was an absolute joy to make. The big owl on the front flap has white thread for texture and big blue reflectors that are bolted onto the bag and glued to secure for eyes. The back has a pair of little owls on it that I designed using fine tip sharpie.

09 May, 2009

MOTO Gallery Bag

Mark, Ben and Eric are opening up a gallery and scooter shop in
Lakewood, OH and are going to be carrying my bags so I thought I would
make their shop a little tribute and encorporated their logo into the
flap design. Still a long way to go on this one, but I'm really
excited for them and can't wait to see their faces when I drop this
baby off on wednesday.

Matt's Bag is Done

Hot off the machine, Matt's Wind Bag is looking hot. Besides the usual
array of pockets, his bag is the first to include a string of 5x5
pockets along the inside front section of the bag. Perfect for a pair
of tubes, a patch kit, a four pack of Old Raaputin, or whatever other
smallish things you might want to keep from littering the bottom of
your bag, these pockets are just another way to maintain order when
you're on the go!

04 May, 2009

Matt's Bag

This design has been in my sketchbook for over a year and when I
showed it to Matt he fell in love. Still a lot of work to go but I
think it's looking good so far!

01 May, 2009

Andi's Bag

Ready to ride again after months of snow, slush, and cold, Andi and
her husband were in need of a bag that would be suitable for both of
them. The plaid is a subtle design that breaks up the monotany of 23+
inches of cordura while not being too gender specific. The powder blue
grosgrain trim is a nice contrast to the burgundy fabric.

Joey's Punk Rock Cleveland Bag

Joey took off to LA last week and asked for a special bag for travel. Its extra big with a nice 1000D cordura liner and a waterproof internal pocket for toiletries. Inspired by George's Cleveland bag, Joey wanted a smaller design with some edge that captured his sentiment for Cleveland. The result is a pretty nice Heart and Crossbones with a city skyline inside the heart.

Pedal Republik of Cleveland Tournament Prize Bag

Last week saw a flurry of activity including bags for Joey, Andi, Kelli and Nick, not to mention the prize bag I provided for the Pedal Republik of Cleveland regional bike polo tournament on the 18th. Posts of the other bags to follow.