15 January, 2010

Tool Pouches for St. Louis Lock-In Polo Tournament

Cleveland sent a carload of hooligans to the "Show Me State" for the lock-in tourney. Of course they won at everything as always, but mostly they took a few tool pouches with them to share with the crowds.

11 January, 2010


Jon Boble @ www.jonathanbobel.com began construction of the website and soon to be permanent internet home of Forest City Portage today! More pics of bags to be taken this week and testing should be happening soon... Look for updates and new products in the coming weeks!

05 January, 2010

Fatty's Daddy Baggy

My dear friend Brian welcomed his baby girl Clover Jane into the world recently and to celebrate the birth, his loving wife got him this rad baby baggy. It is special for a few reasons. First, it utilizes magnetic snaps instead of velcro for the closures to eliminate that obnoxiously loud noise which can easily wake your baby after hours of trying to get her to sleep. Also, the interior features a series of removable pockets and pouches including a bottle holder and a dry bag as well as a movable divider for partitioning the insides. Not only do these make organizing babies things easy, but since they can be removed, the bag can double as a courier bag during and after the baby bag part is needed. Finally, it has a series of D-Rings and Clips for toys, pacifiers, etc.