20 December, 2010

Late Summer

While summer was flying by and the bar was keeping me from my shop, I did manage to do a little work and was able to complete a really fun project for Cub, a little man with a big love for bikes. His father, a courier, has the little guy flying around town and the two of them enjoy a daily ride to school together. The final product is a two part bag. The main bag is a traditional courier bag and is large enough for a full-sized human carrying a full days worth of books while the second bag is a tiny bag for him now that can hold a book, maybe two, a folder and some pencils. This one is appliqued with characters from the Scooby Doo series and features the 10,000 Volt Monster, the Tar Monster and the Creeper. This smaller bag has a unique design in that the strap is removable and the bag can be strapped onto the larger bag, acting as the front pocket. In doing this, Cub will be able to enjoy both bags as he grows out of the smaller one. Thankfully, it wasn't all work and no play and I was able to spend some time on the Goodtime III on the Cuyahoga River for a friend's birthday and was able to get some great shots of downtown Cleveland from a somewhat unique perspective.

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